Watch: Yoon Kye Sang Desperately Seeks His Identity In Intense Teaser And Poster For New Film “Spiritwalker”

The upcoming movie “Spiritwalker” starring Yoon Kye Sang and Lim Ji Yeon has released a poster and a trailer!

The fantasy and action film revolves around a man who loses his memory and wakes up in another person’s body every 12 hours. He struggles to find out who he is while becoming the target of a secret organization. Yoon Kye Sang plays Kang Yi An, the man who tries to hunt down the truth, and Lim Ji Yeon takes the role of Moon Jin Ah, his colleague who knows his identity.

The teaser poster shows Yoon Kye Sang’s transformation into Kang Yi An. He is surrounded by dead bodies as if he has barely survived to manage a violent fight. He points a gun at someone’s back, and his tired yet determined face is covered with blood. The text on the poster reads, “Instinctive action is coming,” further raising expectations for Yoon Kye Sang’s intense action film.

The trailer starts with Kang Yi An looking fearful and shocked as he narrates, “I don’t remember anything. My body suddenly changed.” Kang Yi An is overwhelmed with confusion when he has no idea why his body keeps changing every 12 hours. With mysterious people tracking him down, all he can do is start at the beginning to find out what’s happening. The clip ends with someone asking him, “Who are you?”

Spiritwalker” will premiere on November 24.

Check out the trailer above!

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