Watch: Song Yoon Ah, Jun So Min, And Lee Sung Jae’s Lives Crack Apart Due To Conflicting Desires In “Show Window: The Queen’s House”

Channel A’s new drama, “Show Window: The Queen’s House,” has unveiled a thrilling new teaser!

Show Window: The Queen’s House” is about a woman who supports another woman’s affair without knowing that the affair is with her own husband. Song Yoon Ah stars as Han Sun Joo, the queen of her perfect family; Lee Sung Jae stars as Shin Myung Seob, her seemingly devoted husband; Jun So Min stars as Yoon Mi Ra, her friend and her husband’s secret lover; and 2PM’s Chansung stars as Han Jung Won, her little brother who will stick at nothing to help his sister.

The new teaser opens with the camera panning over the framed glass photos of Han Sun Joo’s beautiful family. Her mother, Kim Kang Im (played by Moon Hee Kyung), warns her not to trust her husband, but Han Sun Joo fires back, “I’m not going to live like you, Mom. I’m going to protect my family.” She says warmly to Shin Myung Seob, “If you’re my partner, then I’ll believe anything you say.” Amid heart-warming scenes of her driving her daughter to school and her husband taking their kids camping, the caption reads, “She dreamed of a perfect family.”

Yoon Mi Ra comes into Han Sun Joo’s life, wistfully asking her, “Do you think I’ll ever have a family like yours?” But a scene of the husband and wife kissing is replaced with Yoon Mi Ra passionately kissing Shin Myung Seob instead, showing the start of their risky affair. What Yoon Mi Ra wants is not a perfect family like Han Sun Joo but someone who will always be on her side no matter what.

Shin Myung Seob, who seems like the perfect husband on paper, is actually a greedy man who vows to himself, “I’ll take everything that I want.” He is a two-faced character who wants both to keep his beautiful wife and loving family at home and pursue his passionate and illicit love in secret. He says in voice-over, “What I wanted, what I wanted to achieve, wasn’t a family. But I can’t let my family go.” He says to Yoon Mi Ra, “As long as we’re careful, nothing will go wrong.”

With the three main characters’ hearts’ desires in conflict, things cannot stay as they are. The teaser amps up the drama as Han Sun Joo’s perfect life begins to show cracks in the glass. Her brother, Han Jung Won, confronts Yoon Mi Ra in a graveyard, and Han Sun Joo gets into a horrific car crash. A wedding ring falls to the floor and a party goes awry as Shin Myung Seob discovers an unnamed woman covered in blood on the floor.

Show Window: The Queen’s House” premieres on November 29.

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