Watch: Park Hae Soo And Claudia Kim Suspect Lee Hee Joon Of Being A Serial Killer In “Chimera” Teaser

OCN’s upcoming drama “Chimera” has unveiled the identity of its serial killer!

Chimera” is a mystery thriller drama starring Park Hae Soo as police detective Cha Jae Hwan, Claudia Kim as criminal profiler Eugene Hathaway, and Lee Hee Joon as surgeon Lee Joong Yeob. The drama follows the search for the truth behind “Chimera,” a serial murderer from 35 years ago who has started to kill again.

Although the identity of “Chimera” has been kept under wraps in previous teasers, the new highlight clip shines a light on who Park Hae Soo and Claudia Kim start to suspect. The clip starts with someone being tied to a chair and threatened by a mysterious hooded figure. Despite their pleas for mercy, the hooded man flicks his signature lighter and sets the man on fire.

Later, Cha Jae Hwan (Park Hae Soo) discovers a burnt-out car at the scene of the crime. He tells Eugene Hathaway (Claudia Kim) that there was nothing in the car, and she guesses that it was a bomb or explosion rather than a simple fire. The veteran police officers find the signature lighter and suspect that the case is connected to similar serial killings by fire that occurred 35 years ago.

Cha Jae Hwan and Eugene dig up the old case and find that the prime suspect is someone called “the Doctor.” As danger looms closer and closer, the police start to suspect a man named Lee Joong Yeob (Jerome J.Y. Edwards), who is a surgeon (Lee Hee Joon). One of the police’s own officers goes missing and is suspected to be killed by Chimera, which drives Cha Jae Hwan into a rage when he is with Lee Joong Yeob in the interrogation room. Cha Jae Hwan also searches out the connections to the case from 35 years ago, including the police officer in charge and the chief journalist for the case.

Although Lee Joong Yeob is a strong suspect in the case, Cha Jae Hwan becomes obsessed with finding out the reasons behind the murders. He starts to believe that the truth lies not in the present but in what exactly happened 35 years ago. As he stares down Lee Joong Yeob in a tense gun confrontation, he says in voice-over, “Why does the gaze of a murderer make my heart beat faster?”

Chimera” premieres on October 30 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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