Watch: Jo Yeo Jeong’s New Drama “High Class” Unveils Tangled Relationship Chart + Main Teaser


tvN’s upcoming drama “High Class” has unveiled a character and relationship chart ahead of the premiere!

High Class” is a mystery drama set at an ultra-luxurious international school located on an island paradise. Jo Yeo Jeong stars as Song Yeo Wool, a successful lawyer who loses everything when she is framed for her husband’s murder. She starts to unravel the mystery behind her husband’s death when she unexpectedly meets the mother of her son’s classmate at the prestigious school—who happens to be the woman her husband had an affair with before he was murdered.

The relationship chart puts Song Yeo Wool and her son, Ahn Yi Chan, at the center. There is also her deceased husband, Ahn Ji Yong. Surrounding Song Yeo Wool are the mothers of her son’s classmates at the school: hotel owner Nam Ji Sun (Kim Ji Soo) and her daughter Lee Jun Hee, influencer Cha Do Young (Gong Hyun Joo) and her son Kwak Si Woo, and single mother Hwang Na Yoon (Park Se Jin) and her daughter Hwang Jae In. Other members of this circle include “No Ah’s mom” and “Yu Bin’s mom.”

Although the drama centers around the relationships between the women, the chart also includes Nam Ji Sun’s family Lee Jun Mo and Lee Jung Woo, and Cha Do Young’s husband Kwak Sang Geon and business partner Jung Mi Do (a star chef).

The chart also shows the various members of the prestigious school, such as Danny Oh (Ha Jun), a former Canadian ice hockey player and currently the gym teacher at the school. Do Jin Seol is the school chairwoman, Han Geon Young the school principal, Alex Comer the foundation director, and Rachel Jo (Lee Ga Eun) a teacher. Other characters include Goo Young Hee, a police detective, and Shim Ae Soon, the maid of the townhouse where Song Yeo Wool lives.

The drama also dropped the teaser for the upcoming first episode. Song Yeo Wool is happy to have moved to the island and to enrol her son in the prestigious school, and Ahn Yi Chan appears to be settling in well. The other moms gossip together over luxurious brunches, and at a party, Song Yeo Wool begins to be surrounded by whispers about her husband’s murder case. The other mothers bully her and turn their backs on her, but Song Yeo Wool is more preoccupied with memories about her husband’s affair. One night, someone breaks into their townhouse, forcing Song Yeo Wool headfirst into the mystery in order to protect her son.

High Class” premieres on September 6 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

Check out the relationship chart below!

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