Watch: 2PM’s Junho Can’t Resist Lee Se Young As He Traps Her In A Back Hug In “The Red Sleeve Cuff” Teaser

Upcoming drama “The Red Sleeve Cuff” released a heart-fluttering new teaser!

Based on a popular novel, “The Red Sleeve Cuff” is a traditional historical drama that tells the record of an imperial court romance between a court lady who wanted to protect the life she had chosen and an emperor who put the nation first before love.

Junho stars as Yi San, the direct descendant and eldest grandson of the king, who will later become King Jeongjo. Lee Se Young stars as Seong Deok Im, a court lady who wants to make her own decisions about life rather than be one of the king’s many women.

The new teaser captures the sweet yet forbidden romance between a crown prince and a court lady. Yi San is sitting at his desk and studying his books. He seems focused at first, but he’s actually distracted by Seong Deok Im. He sighs as if he is giving into temptation and looks over at her. His voiceover says, “I went against my nature and loved you.” Seong Deok Im quickly avoids his gaze, and she narrates, “Even court ladies have their own heart and will.”

Then out of nowhere, Yi San appears behind her. He clasps her hand gently before embracing her from behind. His voiceover shares, “That’s why it has to be you.” It appears as if she’s rejecting him, but her eyes turn pink with emotions, leaving viewers to wonder how she really feels about the crown prince.

The Red Sleeve Cuff” premieres on November 5.

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