Upcoming JTBC Drama “Reflection of You&”, Starring Go Hyun Jung & Shin Hyun Bin, Releases Character Teasers

#1 Character Teaser 1

JTBC's new Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Reflection of you' (screenplay written by Yoo Bo Ra, directed by Im Hyun Wook) released two versions of character teasers for protagonist Jung Hee Joo (played by Go Hyun Jung) and Koo Hae Won (played by Shin Hyun Bin). Shin Hyun Bin, who received a lot of love for her role as Jang Gyu Wool on tvN's 'Hospital Playlist' series, showed a complete transformation as the complex character of Koo Hae Won.

The two sets of teasers released on September 29 KST tells two different stories. Jung Hee Joo's teaser video tells the 'beginning' of the story, and Koo Hae Won's teaser video shows the 'end' of the story. Jung Hee Joo is a successful painter who seems happy and successful in the public eye. However, Jung Hee Joo actually lives a very unhappy life where she struggles with being looked down on by her mother-in-law, for being a high school graduate. Amidst her meaningless life, Jung Hee Joo meets "a person whom [she does] not want to meet", which is Koo Hae Won. After Jung Hee Joo tells her, "Don't ever appear in front of my family ever again", Koo Hae Won calmly asks, "Unni, why did you do that?" raising curiosity in how the story will develop.

#2 Character Teaser 2

JTBC's 'Reflection of You' will broadcast its first episode on October 13 at 10:30PM KST.

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