Upcoming Film "Spiderweb" Confirms its Main Casts! (www.soompi.com)

Song Kang Ho, Im Soo Jung, Oh Jung Se, Jeon Yeo Been, and Jung Soo Jung (Krystal) have been cast in director Kim Ji Woon’s new film, “Spiderweb” (literal title).

Spiderweb” is set in the 1970s and centers around Director Kim, (Song Kang Ho) who is pressured to re-shoot the ending of a finished movie called “Spiderweb.” As the re-shoot begins, he faces pressure from the censorship authorities and confusion from the actors and producers who don’t understand the new script.

In the 1970s, Korean films had to undergo review from the authorities before they could be filmed. Song Kang Ho’s character, Director Kim, is obsessed with the idea of making “Spiderweb” into his masterpiece. However, he faces various obstacles like periodic reviews from the ministry of culture representative who is always present on set, the uncooperative attitude of the actors who were dragged back into filming without understanding the new script, opposition from the production company, and conflicting set schedules with another project.

Im Soo Jung has been cast as veteran actress Lee Min Ja, who plays Kang Ho Se’s wife in Director Kim’s movie.

Oh Jung Se has been cast as Kang Ho Se, an actor who plays the main character in Director Kim’s movie. He is at the height of his popularity but has affairs despite being married. Im Soo Jung has been cast as Lee Min Ja, a veteran actress who will play Kang Ho Se’s character’s wife in Director Kim’s movie.

Jeon Yeo Been has been cast as Shin Mi Do, the financial manager of Shinsung Film, the production company behind “Spiderweb.” She studied abroad in Japan and butts heads with her aunt, who is the movie’s producer, by believing fully in Director Kim’s vision and helping him achieve his masterpiece. Krystal plays Han Yoo Rim, a rookie actress who has suddenly risen in popularity and is key to Director Kim’s movie.

Spiderweb” will begin filming sometime in March 2022.

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