Upcoming Film “Miracle” Released A New Poster

Miracle” is a fictional movie based on a true story. Taking place in 1986, the film will tell the story of math prodigy Jun Kyung (Park Jung Min) who lives in the roadless countryside of North Gyeongsang Province. Jun Kyung’s only life goal is to bring a train stop to his village.

The main poster stars Jun Kyung, his self-proclaimed muse Ra Hee (YoonA), his father and dedicated engineer Tae Yoon (Lee Sung Min), and his supportive older sister Bo Kyung (Lee Soo Kyung). The four of them are sitting on a train, and the atmosphere is peaceful and hopeful. The caption on the poster reads, “There’s no such thing as giving up. Not until the train stops.” It will be intriguing to see a story of those who do not give up despite their failures, and viewers can look forward to a heartwarming and relatable story that will make them laugh heartily.

Miracle” is scheduled to premiere in September.

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