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Episode 5

Title: 오늘의 웹툰 / Today’s Webtoon
Also Known As: Oneului Webtoon
Genre: Business, Comedy, Life, Drama
Director: Jo Soo-Won, Kim Young-Hwan
Writer: Naoko Matsuda (manga), Jo Ye-Rang, Lee Jae-Eun
Episodes: 16 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: SBS
Release Date: July 29, 2022
Air time: Friday & Saturday 22:00 KST


The story is about a woman who struggles together with her coworkers to mature into a true webtoon editor after joining the webtoon editorial department. On Ma Eum, who enters the webtoon editorial department after beating all odds. She has a large appetite, a great sense of smell, and cauliflower ears typical of a fighter as a former standing member for the judo national team. On Ma Eum had to quit her athletic career when an unfortunate accident during a match tore her ankle ligament, but she begins to dream anew when she coincidentally delivers food to the webtoon editorial department.


  • “Today’s Webtoon” takes over SBS’ Friday & Saturday 22:00 time slot previously occupied by “Why Her?.”
  • Based on manga series “Juhan Shuttai!” by Naoko Matsuda (first published November, 2011 in monthly Japanese seinen manga magazine Monthly Big Comic Spirits).


Neon Webtoon Editorial Department

Kim Se Jung as Ohn Ma Eum (26)
Choi Daniel as Suk Ji Hyung (37)
Nam Yoon Soo as Koo Joon Young (26)
Park Ho San as Jang Man Chul (49)
Yang Hyun Min as Kwon Young Bae (37)
Kang Rae Yun as Ki Yoo Mi (33)
Ahn Tae Hwan as Choi Doo Hee (33)

Webtoon writers

Kim Gab Soo as Baek Eo Jin (60)
Kim Do Hoon as Shin Dae Ryuk (22)
Jun Hye Yun (전혜연) as Koo Seul Ah (23)
Ha Yool Ri (하율리) as Pomme (24)
Im Chul Soo as Na Kang Nam (40)
Baek Suk Kwang (백석광) as Im Dong Hee (34)
Son Dong Woon as Oh Yoon (30)
Jang Sung Yoon (장성윤) as Lee Woo Jin (22)

Ma Eum’s family

Go Chang Suk as Ohn Ki Bong (50)
Hwang Young Hee as Hwang Mi Ok (50)
Yoon Seo Ah (윤서아) as Ohn Noo Ri (23)

Supporting cast

Baek Joo Hee as Yoon Tae Hee (40s)
Ha Do Kwon as Heo Kwan Young (40s)
Jin Ye Sol as Jin Han Seul (30)

Today’s Webtoon OST



Episode 1

Today’s Employee

Today’s Webtoon: Episode 1

Ma Eum has only six months to figure out what she really wants to pursue in her life now that she has decided to move on from judo.

When she realizes that webtoons were what made it possible for her to endure hardship, she applies for a job at webtoon platforms, including Neon. As expected, her passion was not enough to land her a job. A few months later, after getting all her applications rejected, she gets a phone call from Neon.

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Episode 2

First Mistake

Today’s Webtoon: Episode 2

An emergency breaks out at Ma Eum’s office, and it has something to do with her meeting with one of the artists earlier that day.

Ji Hyeong and Ma Eum knock on his door, but he refuses to talk to them or let them in. At Ma Eum’s house, her mom is watching a documentary about David of Michelangelo, and this is where Ma Eum finds the solution to the problem. Meanwhile, Jun Yeong, Ma Eum’s colleague, is having trouble adapting to the team.

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Episode 3

There’s No Paradise For You To Escape To

Today’s Webtoon: Episode 2

Ma Eum and Jun Yeong are assigned to their first webtoon artists.

Ma Eum is assigned to one of her favourite artists, but she finds it difficult to control him. She needs to learn new ways to make the artist meet the deadlines, and things don’t go as smoothly. Meanwhile, Jun Yeong asks his team leader to reassign him to another department, only to be rejected.

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Episode 4

You Talented Ones Shall Be Slaves To Your Talents

Today’s Webtoon: Episode 4

Ma Eum succeeds in convincing her artist and gets her hard work and effort recognized.

Thanks to her, the storyline of “Princess Kumiho” improves, helping the artist gain his fans back. Meanwhile, Jun Yeong is offered a shocking deal by Mr Heo, putting him in a pickle.

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Episode 5

The Number Of People Needed To Support

Today’s Webtoon: Episode 5

Ma Eum recruits rookie artists through the Webtoon Camp, but helping their debut is more difficult than she thought.

She has to convince Sin Dae Lyug to work more on his drawing skills and tell Goo Seul A to improve her storyboard. Despite her hard work, things don’t turn out the way she wants them to. What’s even worse is that her dad finds out she’s working for a webtoon company instead of developing her judo skills.

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