"The Red Sleeve" Breaks Its Own Record As "Now, We Are Breaking Up" Continue To Drop in Rating

“The Red Sleeve” which aired on the 25th broke its own record.

According to Nielsen Korea, a ratings research company, MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “The Red Sleeve” recorded a rating of 14.3% (Ep.15).

This is an increase from 13% (Ep.14) recorded in the previous episode and is the highest rating recorded by the drama.

SBS’ “Now, We Are Breaking Up” continued to drop, recording 4.9% (Ep.13) from 5.7% (Ep.12).

tvN’s “Bad and Crazy” also dropped, recording 3.134% (Ep.4) from 3.747% (Ep.3).

For the weekend dramas, TV CHOSUN’s “Uncle” recorded its highest rating at 5.562% (Ep.5) from 4.403% (Ep.4).

tvN’s “Bulgasal: Immortal Souls” dropped from 4.775% (Ep.3) from 5.826% (Ep.2).

KBS1’s “The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won” also dropped, recording 8.7% (Ep.5) from 9.2% (Ep.4).

JTBC’s special broadcast of “Snowdrop” had a slight decrease, recording 1.689% (Ep.4) from 1.853% (Ep.3).

KBS2’s “Young Lady and Gentleman” recorded 32.9% (Ep.27) from its highest rating of 34.5% (Ep.26). 

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