Petition To Cancel "Snowdrop" Rises to 290,000

JTBC’s weekend drama “Snowdrop” which began its first broadcast on the 18th, is on the verge of an early end due to controversy over historical distortions such as disparaging the democratization movement.

As the number of viewers’ protests has intensified, with the Blue House national petition demanding the abolition of the drama exceeding 290,000 in one day, advertisers and sponsors are continuing to ‘break off’. The chicken brand Puradak, which is modeled by actor Jung Hae-in, the main character of “Snowdrop”, also stopped advertising for the drama.

Puradak said on its website on the 20th, “We have asked production companies and broadcasters to withdraw all production support related to “Snowdrop” and stop advertising its activities”, adding, “We deeply apologize for causing concern to many people”.

The brand then explained, “The advertisement was conducted to support the activities of our advertising model Jung Hae-in, and added, “We were not aware that the production support advertisement could bring great disappointment to many customers who love Puradak”.

On this day, P&J Group Nuts Shake also announced the withdrawal of support and sponsorship for “Snowdrop” production. Dyson, a hair care brand, has requested to withdraw as well. Dyson said on Instagram that day, “We withdrew the programming of “Snowdrop” advertisements”, adding, “We took action immediately after recognizing the issue of the drama”.

In addition, tea brand Teazen, ceramic brand Dopyeongyo, fashion brand GANISONG, rice cake brand Ssarijai and Hans Electronics also decided to stop advertising and stop all sponsorships.

“Snowdrop” is a period drama about the love of a Southern spy and a female college student against the backdrop of 1987 during the dictatorship.

The problematic part is the setting that Im Soo-ho (Jung Hae-in), the main character known as a graduate student of economics at the University of Berlin, is actually a southern spy. Eun Yeong-ro (Jisoo), the female protagonist, thinks Im Soo-ho is an activist who is chased by the National Security Agency while demonstrating and helps him.

Viewers criticized “Snowdrop” for disparaging the democratization movement and glorifying safety and espionage.

JTBC explained, ““Snowdrop” is not a drama about the democratization movement and there is no setting anywhere in the script for male and female protagonists to participate in or lead the democratization movement”, but the controversy is getting worse.

On the 19th, the article “Petition to Stop Broadcasting Drama “Snowdrop”” posted on the bulletin board of the Blue House National Petition surpassed 290,000 in one day. As of 11 PM on the 20th, the number of petition consent exceeded 293,700.

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