Park So Dam Undergoes Surgery After Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis

On December 13th, reports about Park So Dam undergoing surgery circulated. Her agency Artist Company released a statement about the actress’ condition and also announced that she will not be helping promote her upcoming movie “Special Delivery.” 

After a routine check-up, Park So Dam’s doctors diagnosed her with papillary thyroid cancer. They recommended that the actress undergo surgery immediately. The actress complied and she will now focus on her recovery. 

The agency shared that Park So Dam is disappointed that she cannot be there to promote the soon to premiere movie “Special Delivery” but she will be cheering from the side. They also thanked the actors and production team of the movie for overcoming the situation together. 

The Artist Company also assured supporters of Park So Dam that she will focus on her recovery so that she can return and greet everyone with good health in the future. 

Special Delivery” will premiere on January 12th 2022. The movie will be led by Park So Dam, Song Sae Byuk, Jung Hyun Joon, Kim Eui Sung, Shin Soo Oh, Yeon Woo Jin, and more.

We are praying for the fast recovery of Park So Dam.

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