Miracle (2022): Synopsis, Cast & More

Episode 12

Title: 미라클 / Miracle
Genre: Romance, Youth
Episodes: 14
Broadcast network: Viu
Broadcast period: 2022-Jun-24 ~
Air time: Friday


Miracle is an idol romance drama about the hardships young people face while achieving their dreams. It depicts the growth stories of youths who overcome struggles through love. The viewers will be able to enjoy the actors’ wide range of musicality and heartfelt lyrics.


Main Cast
Chani as Louis
Kang Min Ah as Lee So Rin
Hwiyoung as Min Si Woo

Supporting Cast

Oh So Hyun
Lucy as Eun Ju Ah
Kim Kwang Gyu as [Lee So Rin’s father]
So Hee Jung as [Lee So Rin’s mother]
Hwang Bo Ra

Original Soundtrack (OST)


Episode 1

The Next King Of Pop

The world is currently crazy about the next King of Pop, Luice. After long years of world tours, he finally visits Korea for the first time. Sick and tired of his endless work schedule, he wishes for some free time to look around Seoul.

However, his agency does not approve of it and makes him determine to sneak out. Although his first break away seems reckless, he meets a fan who he will never forget.

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Episode 2

The Autograph Event

Extremely excited about Luice’s first visit to Korea, the Korean fans do not hesitate to spend a huge amount of money to get the ticket for his autograph event. So Rin also gets one after buying countless albums.

However, although she does not notice, she runs into Luice and spends time with him. The short hour spent by the two becomes a turning point for Luice’s future career.

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Episode 3

Si Woo’s Rise To Stardom

After the car accident, So Rin suffers from tinnitus in one ear, making it hard for her to become an idol star. .

However, Si Woo keeps trying hard to become a singer and finally makes his dream come true. Five years later, he is the most popular singer in Korea. The CEO of his company suggests he work on a collaborative project

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Episode 4

An Unexpected Collaboration

Luice returns to Korea and begins a collaboration project with Si Woo. So Rin is asked to work as Luice’s manager, and she accepts the job unwillingly.

Ju A finally gets to debut as a member of a girl group. Meanwhile, shocking news about breaks during a press conference.

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Episode 5

Luice’s Biggest Ordeal

After the news about Luice’s tax evasion breaks, the press conference abruptly ends.

Luice has nowhere to go as all his credit cards get suspended. So Rin offers Luice to stay at her place, and they begin living together for the time being.

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Episode 6

So Rin’s Hidden Past

Luice decides to make an official apology and put a hold on his collaboration project.

So Rin makes Luice do the chores around the house to give her parents a hand. Luice finds out that So Rin was a fan girl of his in the past.

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Episode 7

A Head On Confrontation

Si Woo finds out that Luice has been staying at So Rin’s place and gets furious.

So Rin apologizes for keeping it a secret. Si Woo isn’t comfortable with the idea of Luice being alone with So Rin, so he decides to hang out at her place with Ye Seung.

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Episode 8

Enough Is Enough

Si Woo can’t stand seeing So Rin living with Luice, so he takes Luice to his place.

But Luice declines the offer and goes back to So Rin’s place. Meanwhile, a friend from high school visits So Rin and asks if she’s interested in joining an idol competition show.

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Episode 9

Taking On New Challenges

Si Woo is offered to play the main lead of a drama, and Do Un is disappointed that he wasn’t offered one.

So Rin tells Masha about the competition show and suggests Luice take part in the show. Luice takes So Rin out on a date, but the date doesn’t end as he expected.

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Episode 10

Working Together

A reporter catches Luice and Si Woo fist fighting in front of an emergency center.

Masha finds out and tells the two of them to live together for the time being and work on a song. Luice has to use Si Woo’s song for the competition, which hurts his pride.

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Episode 11

A Get-away

So Rin suggests a little getaway for Si Woo and Luice who have been working hard.

As she wanted more footage for her clips, she takes the whole team with her to film. A still photographer joins them, and he steals every female staff member’s heart. Both Si Woo and Luice get jealous when he hits on So Rin.

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Episode 12

A Long Overdue Confession

Si Woo panics after finding out that So Rin knows he likes her.

He realizes it’s finally time to pluck up his courage and confess his feelings. Meanwhile, Masha asks So Rin if she’s interested in becoming an idol trainee.

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