'Love Ft. Marriage and Divorce 3' To Premiere On The 26th (www.hancinema.net)

Im Sung-han’s “Love ft. Marriage and Divorce” is back with a third season.

TV CHOSUN announced on the 3rd that “Love ft. Marriage and Divorce 3” will begin its first broadcast at 9 PM on the 26th.

Love ft. Marriage and Divorce 3” is a work depicting the story of three main characters in their 30s, 40s, and 50s suffering from their husbands’ infidelity, and surpassed 15% of viewership last season.

In season 3, new faces also appear. Lee Tae Gon and Sung Hoon, who previously played Sin Yoo Shin and Jang Sa Hyeon, will drop off, while Ji Young San and Kang Shin Hyo will fill the vacancy.

The production team said, “We will properly ring the sonata of the runaway with a twist that exceeds season 1 and 2”.

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