Korean Movies Opening Today 2022/04/14 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2022/04/14 in Korea: 

1. “The Slug”

2. “Awoke”

3. “3.5th Period” and 

4. “Mother Dearest”

#1 The Slug (2022)

Directed by Choi Jin-young-III

CastKang Jin-ah, Park Hye-jin-III, Hong Sang-pyo, Hwang Mi-young, Lim Ho-jun, Kim Geum-soon

Choon-hee lost her parents at an early age and often feels lonely. Living with her relatives when she was only a teenager was difficult. Besides, she had excessive sweating, which made her more nervous and timid. Now that she is a grown-up, bright and brave, she sees someone and that person loves her back. She has been seeing her younger self ever since she was struck by lightning walking along a village path. This film moves back and forth between adult Choon-hee's present with young Choon-hee's past, showing their strange cohabitation.

#2 Awoke (2022)

Directed by Jung Jae-ik, Seo Tae-soo

CastJo Min-sang, Lim Ho-jun, Hyun Tae-kyung, Song Min-hyuck

'Jae-gi', a young man who had a disability due to an accident, is struggling after being graded with a mild disability. Thanks to Byeong-ho, his senior with a disability, he regained hope by getting a job and a loan. The moment he thought that a resurgence of life was just around the corner, 'Jae-gi' had to prove to the world that he is seriously disabled...

#3 3.5th Period (2022)

Directed by Ryu Hee-jung

CastZoa, Lim Ji-sub, Kim Woojin, Song Young-kyu, Kang Byul

Original broadcast date as a drama: 2021/12/17

"Even if time stops, it's okay. If I'm with you right now".

In the prestigious Shinha High School, there is a secret hidden between the third and fourth periods. It's that there is a 3.5th period where time flies 10 times slower and 10 minutes becomes 100 minutes! Baek Ah-jin accidentally enters the 3.5th period and meets Kang Da-won, a male student who was trapped there. To get Da-won out of the 3.5th period, Ah-jin solves the mystery that's hidden there. However, there are those who interfere with this, and they try to hide the 3.5th period...

What secrets are hidden in Shinha's 3.5th period?
Can Da-won escape the 3.5th period safely and meet Ah-jin?

#4 Mother Dearest (2022)

Directed by Yeon Wang-mo

I'm over forty, but to my mother, I'm still a three-year-old!

Mother and son who got separated from adoption, decided to live together for the first time in 40 years. This is because his mother is about to die. While his natural appearance and personality are exactly the same, everything else is completely different. In fact, they are foreigners to each other. However, to compensate for the time they lived apart, he goes back to his childhood. On the other hand, resentment towards each other grows because of the pain engraved in each other's hearts. It is uncertain how much time is left between the two, but there are still a lot of things to do while they're together.

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