Korean Movies Opening Today 2021/12/29 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2021/12/29 in Korea: 

1. “A Year-End Medley” and 

2. “Memory: Manipulated Murder”

#2 Memory: Manipulated Murder (2021)

Directed byKim Hyun-woo

CastKim Yoon-seo, Jung Eun-woo, Kim Yool-ho, Im You-lim, Sun Joo-ah, Cho Myeong-yeon...

It's not true that I remember my husband's disappearance and the strange events that happened!

Soo-yeon is consulted by psychiatrist Jeong-woo after her husband Yeong-min disappears, and Jeong-woo visits the site and advices Soo-yeon whose memmories are confused to visit the place where she first met her husband.

Soo-yeon suddenly changes her attitude when she finds her dead husband Yeong-min's body there.
Meanwhile, Soo-yeon learned from the insurance investigator that all the men who had been married so far died and received huge insurance money.
At that time, Soo-yeon and Jeong-woo who invited Jeongwoo to a party in a remote mansion in the mountains, face a shocking and terrible truth there.

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