Korean Movies Opening Today 2021/12/02 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2021/12/02 in Korea: 

1. “Flower Hands”

2. “The Prayer” and 

3. “Ritual for Rain”

#1 Flower Hands (2018)

Directed by Ryan Kwon

CastKim Ian, Son Sook, Jeon Moo-song, Han In-soo, Lee Joo-sil, Lee Yong-nyeo,...

Jin-da is a 27-year old Chinese young man.
He was raised by a Korean grandmother.
And grew up in China with his biological grandmother.

After her grandmother's death, Jin-da and his friend Jeong-nam visited Namhae, Korea, where she missed her grandmother during her lifetime, and his younger brother Han-byeol and her friend Soo-jin also gathered in Namhae.

When asking if someone's at home, they greet with "Woah, who died?", not as parting words with someone who died, but just being the elderly people in Honghyeon Village in Namhae.

In this village, Jin-da and his company lives with the elderly in Nam-hae, helps and comforts them, and gradually adapts to the life there.

Having stayed in the South Sea longer than they thought of, they eventually face the moment when they have to leave.

#3 Ritual for Rain (2021)

Directed by Kwon Ha

CastShin Hyun-gyu, Jeon Eun-jung, Song Gil-ho,...

Dr. Shin succeeded in creating a robot called "Aribot", an artificial intelligence that can communicate with nature. In the world where rain has stopped, more and more people are pursuing Aribot, as it's the only way for it to rain again. Dr. Shin eventually gives up and goes into a rural temple to hide. While staying in the temple, Aribot listened to Dr. Shin's past love stories. The robot felt the lovers' love, the immature expressions, the breakup due to mistakes, as well as the regret. While Aribot was being upgraded with various emotions, it was eventually caught by 'X', the mysterious being who is in a persistent pursuit of Aribot.

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