Korean Movies Opening Today 2021/11/18 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2021/11/18 in Korea: 

1. Song-Hae 1927″

2. “Speed of Happiness” and 

3. “Failan” (Re-release)

#1 Song-Hae 1927 (2021)

Directed by Jero Yun

Narrated by Song Hae,...

"Song-Hae 1927" is a documentary about the character all Koreans know. Song Hae is the oldest active celebrity at 94 and the longest-running host of the 'National Singing Contest'. He has been a singer, comedian, actor, and radio DJ, but never a star. "Song-Hae 1927" shows a backstage face we've never seen. His closed eyes and serious look seem like a good place to hide sadness and pain. Song Hae is a man of few words. To the death of his wife, he only said, 'I wish I had had a chance to say goodbye to him'. Yun's movie also calmly captures all kinds of hardships in his life, similar to his tone. KANG Sowon

#2 Speed of Happiness (2021)

Directed by Park Hyuckjee

Many trekkers visit Oze, a wetland with breathtaking scenery. However, having a long and severe winter, the mountain lodges in Oze are only open from May to October. Vehicles are unable to pass through the wetlands; "botcah" (the traditional carriers manually transporting luggage), who carry packages of food and other materials on foot, are the only ones who can get to the lodges. Speed of Happiness sends respect to the botcah who have embodied values learned while walking every day and humbly accompany their daily lives. Walking along at the pace of each botcah, the film gazes at calluses, smiles, hardships, endurance, and hope. The solidity of their lives in Oze pounds our hearts and the taste of each season touches our skin. HONG Eunmi

25th Busan International Film Festival

#3 Failan (2001)

Directed by Song Hae-seong

CastChoi Min-sik, Cecilia Cheung, Son Byung-ho, Gong Hyung-jin, Kim Ji-yeong, Min Kyung-jin,...

Original release date: 2001/04/28

Kang-jae is a third-rate thug whose only joy in life is playing games at the local arcade. Unlike his buddy who is now the head of a local organization, all he has to show for his life of petty crime is a small video store. Kang-jae is a push-over and gets pushed around by neighborhood punks. One day, he is offered a deal he cannot refuse. To the hope-filled Kang-jae, a letter arrives. It reads: Dear Kang-jae. Thank you for giving me a chance to live in Korea. Everyone here is so nice. But you are the nicest of them all for marrying me. Marriage... Wife... Failan...? Kang-jae had a wife, a wife he had forgotten that he had married. In fact, he had married her for a measly amount of money in exchange for Korean residency. A contractual marriage. A simple letter will make Kang-jae realize the meaning of life, love and fate.

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