Korean Movies Opening Today 2021/11/11 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2021/11/11 in Korea: 

1. Our Midnight

2. Too Many Villains 2: Missing in Jeju

3. Go To Kill

4. Kwito: Rabbit’s Eight Difficulties

5. Kim Jong-boon of Wangshimni

6. 1984, Choi Dong-won and 

7. Don’t Feed The Stray Cats.

#1 Our Midnight (2021)

Directed by Lim Jung-eun-II

Cast: Lee Seung-hun, Park Seo-eun, Lim Young-woo, Han Hae-in, Lee Gun-woo-I,...

Ji-hoon is an actor who has no money. His long-time lover has just announced her farewell, informing him of her marriage. Eun-yeong becomes the subject of rampant speculation and rumors after she reports her boyfriend, who is also a colleague from her company, to the police for dating violence. Ji-hoon and Eun-yeong meet each other as she is standing on top of a bridge over the Han River while he is on duty for a part-time patrol job. They end up walking together all night around downtown Seoul. The meticulously designed rhythm of the night, black-and-white images, camera angles, movements, and lines let this midnight stroll emanate a unique aura. (JUNG Hanseok)

#2 Too Many Villains 2: Missing in Jeju (2021)

Directed by Kim Harry

CastKim Jun-bae, Kong Yoo-seok, Go Yoon-bin, Go Kyung-hee, Lim Jung-woon, Bae Yong-geun,...

"Is there an animal as shallow as a human being?"

Byeong-do, his brother who lives like a scoundrel and was close to detective Kang-pil comes back after being stabbed by 'Submarine' ten years ago. A contractor on Jeju suggests that if there's someone who wants to find someone, one can earn a lot and so, Kang-pil who was financially challenged accepts the requests and heads to Jeju island.
However, there are many suspicious things about the missing director who the contractor wants to find. There was a situation in which he was involved in "win-win manipulation" in the K3 League and even arranged "sex trafficking" for undergraduates in junior soccer classes. And the more they investigate, the more secrets are being revealed...
Can Kang-pil keep looking for this guy?
Maybe the truth should not be touched?
Does justice even exist in this world?
Detective Kang-pil is entangled in another case he shouldn't have!

#3 Go To Kill (2021)

Directed by Park Nam-won

CastOh Jung-yeon, Choi Yoon-seul, Choi Moon-kyoung, Ahn Ah-young, Yoon Ki-won,...

Go-soo, is worried about her immobile husband, mother-in-law, and her obese son who likes snacks. After her husband was deceived by a scammer and lost all his fortune, and turned into a vegetative state, all she can do is scrape chickens in the chicken coop to survive day by day. By chance, while running an errand for Mi-yeon, a high school classmate, she found out about a contract murder plan. If she gets rid of the rich female president (Seon-jae), she will be given an additional 40 million won.

She wants to stop Mi-yeon from going to kill her college classmate who has ruined her own life, but Go-soo is shaken by the saying that if you work you will make money. Isn't killing people the same as killing chickens?

Yes, I've decided. There is nothing that people can't do if they put their mind to it!

#4 Kwito: Rabbit’s Eight Difficulties (2021)

Directed by Go Sun-woong

CastKim Jun-soo, Yu Taepyungyang, Min Eun-kyung, Yoon Seok-an, Heo Jong-yeol, Kim Geum-mi,...

Act 1.
Tobu deceived the dragon king and returned to the place where he lived with the turtle, saying he left his liver on land. He wants to scold the turtle and meet his wife and children who came to meet him and enjoy. However, Tobu was caught by an eagle and Tomo was also shot by a catcher and killed. Toja fell into despair after becoming a heavenly orphan during the creation period. Despite the dissuasion of the surrounding rabbits, the earthenware, which left China full of Samjaepalan, faces the blue ocean for the first time and longs for an unknown world of archery that looks peaceful. Meanwhile, the turtle, who missed Tobu, accidentally encounters Toja, who wishes to go to hydrangea, while holding a mountain god ritual to find another rabbit, and heads to the sea with Tonyeo, who cannot leave him alone.

Act 2.
The aquatic animals that needed a rabbit liver for the ailing dragon king capture Toja and Tonyeo, but they use improvisation to avoid the danger of having their ships ripped apart. In the end, for the future of the hydrangea, the military commander Jukkumi, who does not want to save the tyrannical dragon king, tries to help them. Tonyeo and Toja, who volunteered to volunteer for hydrangeas due to the difficulties of living in the mountains, there are also pals in the mountains here, so they were suggested to present a proper role play. Toja and Tonyeo, who got the last chance to survive, performs 'Pallanga' in front of the dragon king and aquatic animals, and a commotion arises among the people of the hydrangeas who feel the sympathy...

#5 Kim Jong-boon of Wangshimni (2021)

Directed by Kim Jin-yeul

80-year-old Kim Jong-bun has been running a stall for over 50 years. She is the elderly woman from the Exit 11 of Wangsimni Station.

She started the stall to feed, dress and make her children study, however, they are guarding the place till now as they have nothing. She lost her daughter on the road 30 years ago, but was replaced by more children.

Jong-bun boils cord, grills rice cakes and folds perilla leaves on the road where she lost her daughter. Today, she lives.

#6 1984, Choi Dong-won (2021)

Directed by Jo Eun-sung

COVID-19, the era that changed everything. The clock on the ground which should have been full of heat, as well as ordinary daily life, stopped in 38 years. The era of waiting for the day for everyone to meet again. The power to withstand the long wait is just a memory, like the memories of autumn of 1984. He said, "Let's try together!" and then walked to the mound. And that was the best dramatic moment in ground history.

#7 Don’t Feed The Stray Cats (2021)

Directed by Jung Joo-hee, Kim Hee-joo-I

When the sun goes down, an electric wheel chair sound fills every corner of the alley. Na-yeong is a "cat mom" who takes care of cats' meals day in, day out, every day. Due to congenital disabilities and worsening conditions, she is unable to take care of her own meals. People blame her, but Kwon Na-yeong firmly takes care of the street cats. From the closest distance, let's follow her life as a companion of stray cats.

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