Korean Movies Opening Today 2021/10/28 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2021/10/28 in Korea:

1. “Short Bus: Bad Dream”

2 “Another Record”,

3. “The Asian Angel”,

4. “Willow Tree Forest Yangnim”,

5. “Aegwan Cinema”,

6. “We Go Together”,

7. “Mom’s Song” and

8. “Stalker – 2020”

#1 Short Bus: Bad Dream

"Short Bus: Bad Dream" (2021)

Directed by Jeon Min-hyeok, Kang Dayeon, Kim Sang-kyu-I, Lim Eui-jun

Cast: Chun Ha-young, Kim Byeo-ri, Kim Young-joo-I, Baek Ji-hye, Lee Jung-min-IV, Kyung Sung-hwa,...

A short omnibus movie that shows various perspectives on human anxiety and fear.

"Dear God" (신에게 보내는 편지, sin-e-ge bo-nae-neun pyeon-ji) (25m) by Kang Dayeon
Bae-hee wants to do well on her swimming tryouts for her mother, but she suffers from hearing the strange sound of monsters coming from the water. She starts seeing Go-eun, a classmate who is good at swimming, with her mother through her mother.

"Grand Jeté" (그랑주떼, geu-rang-ju-tte) (17m) by Kim Sang-kyu-I
Da-hee, who is focusing on her practice ahead of her dance performance had difficulty in performing high-level movements. Stage directors, rivals, colleagues, and even herself, everything around her feels like a nightmare.

"Hammer" (mang-chi, 망치) (18m) by Jeon Min-hyeok
Gi-hyeon discovers that her pregnant wife Hye-ji is hiding something. One day, Gi-Hyeon's life begins to crack because of Hye-ji's older brother Gi-seong, who suddenly visits the house.

"The Wart" (sa-ma-gwi, 사마귀) (27m) by Lim Eui-jun
Hye-yeon who is pregnant had a wart on her belly. As time went, the wart grew bigger and bitter, and Hye-yeon is caught up in anxiety.

#2 Another Record

"Another Record" (2021)

Directed by Kim Jong-kwan

With Shin Se-kyung,...

3.6 million search engine hits, 46 million views on YouTube,
Shin Se-kyung, an actress well-known by everyone

The real "Shin Se-kyung" who shares her inner thoughts that she couldn't bring up while eating, drinking, and talking with the various people she met while walking on the friendly Seochon street, Director Kim Jong-kwan with an unrivaled sensibility, captures it!

Shin Se-kyung that everyone knows.
And her story that no one knows.

#3 The Asian Angel

"The Asian Angel" (2021)

Directed by Yuya Ishii

Cast: Sosuke Ikematsu, Choi Hee-seo, Joe Odagiri, Kim Min-jae, Kim Ye-eun,...

Tsuyoshi (Sosuke Ikematsu), who recklessly flew to Korea with his son believing in the words of his brother Toru (Joe Odagiri), who said he was doing well as a business in Seoul, is on the verge of throwing himself on the unfamiliar streets of Seoul because his brother was scammed by his partner.

Then Toru seduces Tsuyoshi, who was frustrated by saying that he had a brilliant business item, and heads to Gangneung, and meets three siblings Sol (Choi Hee-seo), Bom (Kim Ye-eun), and Jung-woo (Kim Min-jae) who are filled with stories on the train to accompanies him.
 A fate that happened in a life full of bad luck!
 When we're desperate for miracles, we meet!

#4 Willow Tree Forest Yangnim

"Willow Tree Forest Yangnim" (2021)

Directed by Jung Sung-hyun

Cast: Song Young-hak, Joo Seok-je,...

A chance meeting on a vacation destination.
A meeting becomes a new relationship, and a relationship becomes a beautiful life.
Ordinary but special stories of people who reminisce about the past, choose the present, and make future memories against the backdrop of beautiful Yangnim-dong.

#5 Aegwan Cinema

"Aegwan Cinema" (2021)

Directed by Yun Ki-hyoung

In the 1980's, Incheon was the 'Cinema Heaven'. The streets were filled with theaters where numerous filmmakers developed their dreams.

Everything disappeared with the wind over time, but Aegwan Cinema, Korea's first cinema, has silently maintained its place and proved its history. However, it is now on the verge of disappearing.

The burning story of people who still live and breathe with the Aegwan Cinema still in their heads, remember the theater which is approaching its last.

#6 We Go Together

"We Go Together" (2020)

Directed by Cho Seung-won

Cast: Kim Ki-hyun-III, Park Han-i, Kang Hyung-suk, Yoo Kyung-sun-I, Kwon Ip-sae, Ji Dae-han,...

"With no money and no backer, the U.S. Military is the only answer. Help me!"
A dirt-poor high school graduate KATUSA tries hard.

In Korea, if you are a man who speaks English well, you can apply as a KATUSA once in your lifetime. In that place where elite prestigious universities and people born with golden spoons dominate, there is Choo Hae-jin, the sergeant who graduated high school. Hae-jin, dubbed as a legend, prepares for the 'US Army' as his breakthrough in escaping Korea, where all kinds of discrimination are rampant. As a result of his resilience, not losing his smile despite insults, he gets caught up in a sudden theft case before enlisting in the US military and has to get five signatures of the petition. Struggling to the point where he nearly got shot by a racist U.S. military policeman, Hae-jin desperately gets his signature, but he's left with one final step in convincing someone vehemently that he wants to become an American...

"I hate for you to become successful when you don't even have anything!"
Being a part of the U.S. military is not the only option to leave Korea??
Hae-jin's shocking counterattack begins!

#7 Mom’s Song

"Mom's Song" (2020)

Directed by Shin Dong-min

Cast: Kim Hye-jung-IV, Sin Jeong-ung, Noh Yoon-jung, Koo Yang-wook,...

He who came home without saying a word receives a phone call from his mother and calmly listens to her trivial stories and sad songs.

Can the affectionate feelings between the heart of a mother and his son become the wind to blow the fog away?

For a mother and son who are sometimes sick and tired of each other, it's a film about family stores of our generation.

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