Korean Movie Opening Today 2022/03/09 in Korea

Korean movie opening today 2022/03/09 in Korea: 

In Our Prime (2022)

#1 In Our Prime (2022)

Directed by: Park Dong-hoon

Cast: Choi Min-sik, Kim Dong-hwi-I, Park Byung-eun, Park Hae-joon, Jo Yun-seo, Tang Jun-sang

Also known as "A Mathematician in Wonderland"

Special classes of math between two outcasts: a genius mathematician with a hidden past and a needy student given up on math.

Ji-woo (Kim Dong-hwi-I), an outcast in a prestigious private high school, does not fit in due to different social backgrounds than his well-to-do classmates. One day, he meets Hak-seong (Choi Min-sik), the school's security guard who is actually a mathematical genius defected from North Korea, now living with his past shut away. Ji-woo asks Hak-seong to teach him math, and although reluctant at first, Hak-seong eventually agrees to. Finding each other in their most difficult times, Ji-woo and Hak-seong open up to one another during their special math lessons, but their friendship is at risk when Ji-woo is framed for an incident in school, and Hak-seong is faced with people prying on his past.

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