Korean Movie Opening Today 2021/09/30 in Korea

Korean movie opening today 2021/09/30 in Korea: “Short Bus: Mysterious Reality” (2021)

#1 Short Bus: Mysterious Reality (2021)

Directed by Hyun Myung-woo, Jeon Yoon-soo, Kim Ji-san, Lee Yong-seop, Oh Hyun-do, Yoo Jung-soo

Cast: Lee Jung-hyun-I, An Tae-joo, Ju In-young, Kim Jong-yoon-I, Joshua Osiris, Lee Hyung-suk-I,...


Five short films depicting various selfish human appearances, guilt, and the process of expressing desire from various perspectives.

"Ecce Homo, Behold The Man" (에케호모, 이 사람을 보라, e-ke-ho-mo, i sa-ram-eul bo-ra) (13m) by Hyun Myung-woo

BJ Boyzie illegally broadcasts female footages online. As soon as his broadcasts didn't go his way, he feels suspicious.

"Joan" (조안, jo-an) (8m) by Yoo Jung-soo and Kim Ji-san

Joan meets a man on a dating app. However, this man knows her real name and address without her saying them.

"The Lost Property" (분실물, bun-sil-mul) (16m) by Oh Hyun-do

A year after his daughter went missing, Jae-woo, who runs a lost and found discovered a strange object.

"For Sale" (포세일, po-se-il) (12m) by Lee Yong-seop

Hong-seok who is being chased by loansharks accidentally finds a vending machine that only gives back 500 won.

"Save Me" (세이브 미, se-i-beu mi) (18m) by Jeon Yoon-soo

Unknown graffiti keeps on appearing on Jang-soo's body who is taking care of nursing patients all day long. "Please, kill me"

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