Korean Movie Opening Today 2021/09/29 in Korea

Korean movie opening today 2021/09/29 in Korea: “The Recon” (2021)

#1 The Recon (2021)

Directed by Kim Min-seop

Cast: Song Chang-eui, Song Young-kyu, Lee Hyun-kyun, Jang Hae-song, Do Eun-bi, Kim Chul-yoon,...


DMZ, the tomb where underserving deaths lay

An education officer who was dispatched died after a gunshot went off in the dead of night. At the same time, deserters flee to the DMZ in the access control zone, and the 3rd platoon is urgently deployed to the DMZ search operation. There, the crew sees an unidentified soldier, not a deserter or a search crew.

And the unknown death relay begins...

It all started that day!

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