Korean Drama Starting Today 2022/02/11

Korean drama starting today 2022/02/11: 

“First love, Again” (2022)

#1 ​First love, Again (2022)

Directed by: Kang Ho-joong

Written by: Do Yoon

Cast: Jin Gun-II, Jeon Chang-ha, Song Han-hee, Kim Jung-seok, Jung Hyun-ji-I

6 episodes - Fri 12:00pm

Yeon-seok is a famous novelist. He has a secret. He's living 300 years to make his first love come true! Ha-yeon, who reincarnated 25 years ago finally appears in front of Yeon-seok... but she's a man? Yeon-seok never imagined she would be reborn as a man. He is confused and pushes her away but Ha-yeon sticks like glue to him as his editor in chief. Clueless about how he feels, Ha-yeon keeps coming closer to him.

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