Korean Drama Starting Today 2021/12/31

Korean drama starting today 2021/12/31: 

“Her Bucket List” (2021)

#1 Her Bucket List (2021)

Title: Her Bucket List

Revised romanization: Geunyeoui Bucket List

Hangul: 그녀의 버킷리스트

Directed by: Hwang Kyung-sung, Song Woon

Written by: Hwang Kyung-sung, Purple Sweet Potato

Network: Kakao TV

Episodes: 10

Release Date: December 31, 2021

Runtime: Fri, Sat 10am

Language: Korean

Country: South Korea

Cast: Kim Sohye, Na In-woo, Kim Woo-rin, Lim Se-jun, Miyeon, Lee Minhyuk,


Cha Ra-Ri (Kim So-Hye) hears that her boyfriend Im Gun-Hyeong died and she is devastated by that news. She decides to kill herself, but first she wants to complete a bucket list that she wrote with her boyfriend. Around this time, she happens to meet Kang Han-Sol (Na In-Woo). Kang Han-Sol is an aspiring singer, but he suffers from stage fright. These two people decide to help each other. Cha Ra-Ri helps Kang Han-Sol make his stage fright go away and Kang Han-Sol helps Cha Ra-Ri to complete her bucket list.


  1. Based on webcomic "Geunyeoui Bucket List” written by Hwang Yang & illustrated by Sop (published September 21, 2019 - October 24, 2020 via Naver).

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