Koo Kyo Hwan In Talks To Join The Upcoming Netflix Movie "Kill Bok Soon"

On October 27th it was reported that Koo Kyo Hwan will be added to the cast of the Netflix movie “Kill Bok Soon.” He will be joining Jeon Do Yeon and Sol Kyung Gu

Koo Kyo Hwan’s agency Namoo Actors responded to the reports and stated that the actor did receive the offer to star in the upcoming movie and there’s no confirmation yet. 

“Kill Bok Soon” is a film that will depict the story of a female killer. PD Byun Sung Hyun who also helmed movies “Kingmaker: The Fox of the Election,” “The Merciless,” “My P.S. Partner,” and “The Beat Goes On” will be directing the upcoming Netflix movie. 

Many are already anticipating the chemistry between Jeon Do Yeon, Sol Kyung Gu, and the reported new cast member Koo Kyo Hwan. 

The upcoming Netflix film “Kill Bok Soon” is aiming to begin filming at the end of this year.

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