Kim So Yeon, Yoon Jong Hoon, Lee Ji Ah, Uhm Ki Joon, And More “The Penthouse” Stars To Reunite In Pandemic-Related Short Film (

“The Penthouse” stars Kim So Yeon, Lee Ji Ah, Uhm Ki Joon, Yoon Jong Hoon, and more are teaming up once again!

The stars will appear in “The Penthouse” series director Joo Dong Min’s debut short film airing through TVING’s original “All Viewers+: Shortbuster,” which captures the processes of film makers creating short films.

The new short film “It’s Alright” (working title) will be a dark comedy divided into six stories about various prevalent social groups in the COVID-19 era. Director Joo Dong Min is expected to attract attention through his interpretation and expression of the pandemic in short film form instead of a lengthier drama.

The film will feature leading actors from “The Penthouse,” such as Kim So Yeon, Lee Ji Ah, Uhm Ki Joon, Yoon Jong Hoon, Shim Eun Kyung, Bong Tae Gyu, and Yoon Joo Hee, to form a star-studded cast. Despite their busy schedules, the actors gladly expressed their intentions to participate in the production.

It’s Alright” will premiere via TVING’s original “All Viewers+: Shortbuster” in April.

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