Kim Sang Ho Joins The Upcoming JTBC Drama "Insider" (

Kim Sang Ho will be added to the cast members of the upcoming action thriller drama “Insider.”

On January 28th Kim Sang Ho’s agency Just Entertainment announced that Kim Sang Ho is confirmed to join the upcoming JTBC drama “Insider.” 

Kim Sang Ho will be working with Kang Ha Neul, Lee Yoo Young, Kang Young Seok, Cha Yeob, and Yoon Byung Hee. They will be guided by director Min Yeon Hong( “Missing: The Other Side“) and writer Moon Man Se (“Priest“.) 

“Insider” will be about Kim Yo Han, a judicial trainee who got involved during an undercover investigation. Kim Yo Han will experience different crises as he tries to change his fate while he is in prison.

 Kim Sang Ho will play the role of Mok Jin Hyung, the senior prosecutor at the Seoul Northern District Prosecutors’ Office. He still conducts an undercover investigation on the spot even though he is already high in position. He will work closely with Kang Ha Neul’s character, Kim Yo Han.

“Insider” will be produced by Ace Factory (“Stranger” series, “Confession” and JTBC’s “When The Weather Is Fine“). The upcoming series will reportedly premiere this year.

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