Kim Ok Vin and Teo Yoo Comfirmed to Star In New Netflix Rom-Com Series "Love to Hate You"

Actors Kim Ok Vin and Teo Yoo will appear in the Netflix drama “Love to Hate You”.

Netflix announced on the 4th that Kim Ok Vin and Teo Yoo were cast along with the news of the production confirmation of the new series “Love to Hate You”.

“Love to Hate You” is a romantic comedy drama in which a woman who doesn’t want to lose pathologically to a man and a man who pathologically suspects a woman are healed through war-like love.

Kim Ok Vin plays Yeo Mi Ran, a new lawyer at Gilmu, an entertainment law firm. Yeo Mi Ran became a lawyer with the idea that the only way a woman can live alone in a tough world is to succeed and dating is simply a collection of data on male types.

Teo Yoo plays the role of Nam Kang Ho, a top Korean actor who dominates the entertainment industry with his sexy brain and personality as a maker of beautiful stories. Nam Kang-ho is known as a melodrama master, but in fact, he hates dating.

“Love to Hate You” is directed by Kim Jeong Kwon and the screenplay is written by Choi Soo Yeong.

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