Kim Nam Gil In Talks To Lead New Netflix Original Series 'Thief: Sound of the Sword'

Actor Kim Nam Gil has been offered the lead role in a brand new blockbuster Netflix original production, ‘Thief: Sound of the Sword‘. 

A highly-anticipated production with a reported budget of 30 billion KRW (~ $25.3 million USD), ‘Thief: Sound of the Sword‘ (working title) takes place in the 1920’s when the Korean peninsula was annexed by the Japanese empire. The story follows the lives of fictional characters who decide to throw a powerful punch of defiance toward those who took their homes and identities by force. 

Kim Nam Gil is in talks to lead the project as the male lead, Lee Yoon. An uneducated layman, Lee Yoon is one day “liberated” from his status as a member of the servant-class, but he doesn’t know what to do with his life. His good friend and former master suggests that he join the army, which is how Yoon picks up combat. 

Described as a thrilling action genre inspired by Spaghetti-Western film techniques, ‘Thief: Sound of the Sword‘ will begin filming in 2022. 

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