Ji Sung, Seo Ji Hye, And Lee Soo Kyung Confirmed For Upcoming tvN Drama "Adamas"

Upcoming drama “Adamas” (working title) has confirmed its cast!

On January 19, it was announced that Ji Sung, Seo Ji Hye, and Lee Soo Kyung will be starring in the tvN drama “Adamas.”

Adamas” depicts the story of twin brothers uncovering the truth from an incident 22 years ago. They will fight against great evil in order to clear the murder charges of their biological father who was accused of killing their stepfather.

In the drama, the twins face the shocking fact that the culprit who killed their stepfather is their biological father. However, after hearing that their father, who is about to face the death penalty, was falsely accused, they chase after the truth and dig into many secrets that is concealed by huge power.

First off, Ji Sung, the epitome of a trusted actor, is set to play both twins. One is a best-selling mystery novel author named Ha Woo Shin, and the other is a prosecutor named Song Soo Hyun who works at the Central District Prosecutor’s office. Ji Sung will expressive the narrative of the two brothers caught up in a turbulent fate.

Although Ha Woo Shin and Song Soo Hyun look alike, their personalities and approach to problems are completely different, and they will try to solve their father’s case with contrasting perspectives. Viewers can look forward to watching how Ji Sung will portray their similarities and differences.

Seo Ji Hye takes on the role of Eun Hye Soo, Ha Woo Shin’s helper and the wife of Haesong Group’s oldest son. As the only daughter of a hospital director, she grew up like a flower in a greenhouse. However, one day, she rebels against Haesong Group due to a series of incidents and secretly helps Ha Woo Shin. It will be intriguing to see how Seo Ji Hye will depict Eun Hye Soo’s pure and poisonous sides.

Lee Soo Kyung will transform into TNN social media reporter Kim Seo Hee, who is hiding secrets from the twins. She  is a righteous and passionate reporter who is all about social justice, and she has a smile that could captivate anyone. She can’t help but write reports about injustice, which makes it common for her to be blackmailed with legal action, but there is a particular reason why she’s so eager when it comes to justice. In particular, viewers can look forward to her connection with the twin brothers.

Adamas” will be directed by Park Seung Woo, who directed “Kairos,” and the script is written by Choi Tae Gang. The drama is is scheduled to premiere in the second half of 2022.

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