Jeon Sung Woo In Talks To Join Upcoming Netflix Original Series "The Fool at the End of the World"

On December 15th, media outlets reported that Jeon Sung Woo will be added to the cast lineup of the upcoming Netflix drama “The Fool at the End of the World.”

An official from Jeong Sung Woo agency High Entertainment responded to the reports and stated that their artist received the casting offer and he is currently reviewing it.

 “The Fool at the End of the World” is the next work of director Kim Jin Min (“My Name”) and writer Jung Sung Joo (“Secret Love Affair”). The drama will be based on a novel written by Kōtarō Isaka. It will narrate the situation 200 days before the end of the world. There was a prediction that the end of the world is coming to an asteroid impact.

Yoo Ah In and Ahn Eun Jin already received the offer to lead the drama. Yoo Ah In will reportedly play the role of Jin Se Kyung’s boyfriend named Ha Yoon Sang. He’s the experimental assistant at the Institute of Biotechnology. Ahn Eun Jin got the offer to play the role of Jin Se Kyung, a former teacher and now a volunteer in the  Children’s Welfare Department of City Hall.

Jeon Sung Woo is currently reviewing the offer to play the character priest Woo Sung Jae with a baptismal name Damiano. 

 “The Fool at the End of the World” will begin filming next year. The premiere of the drama on Netflix will be in 2023. 

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