Hani, Yoon Si Yoon, and Park Ki Woong Hint At A Love Triangle In First Still Cuts For 'You Raise Me Up'

The first still cuts of Yoon Si Yoon, Hani, and Park Ki Woong‘s new Wavve original drama ‘You Raise Me Up‘ have been unveiled.

With the premiere of ‘You Raise Me Up‘ (screenplay written by Mo Ji Hye, directed by Kim Jang Han) just three weeks away, the first still cuts of the three lead characters were released. Each character gave off completely different vibes, while also hinting at an unforeseen love triangle relationship that will develop between the three characters.

Yoon Si Yoon plays the role of Do Yong Sik, a 31 year-old man still studying for the civil servant exam. However, he has lost all motivation due to the cold reality. His shoulders are now drooped low, his complexion has become dull, and he faces issue with his health. When he decides to visit a urologist, he ends up coming face to face with his first love. 

Former EXID member Hani plays the role of Yong Sik’s first love, Lee Ru Da. She comes from a wealthy background and is now a doctor, who is smart and beautiful. While she is successful in terms of her career, beauty, and relationship, she is very unhappy. 

Lastly, Park Ki Woong plays the role of Do Ji Hyuk, a ‘golden spoon’ character who works as a psychiatrist in a clinic he owns. He has the perfect visuals and talent, and is very aware of his own ‘superior’ qualities. Amidst the curiosity raised on the three characters, Wavve stated, “In addition to their perfect immersion into their characters, Yoon Si Yoon, Ahn Hee Yeon, and Park Ki Woong showed off their good sense of humor and brought to life a never-before-seen story. Please look forward to the powerful, sexy, and realistic comedy drama, perfected by the actors’ on-screen chemistry.”

Meanwhile, ‘You Raise Me Up‘, starring Yoon Si Yoon, Hani, and Park Ki Woong, will be released exclusively on Wavve, on August 31.

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