Han Chae Young and Lee Ji Hoon's Upcoming Drama "Sponsor" to Premiere in February

The schedule of the drama “Sponsor” has been confirmed.

MBN said on the 11th, “The new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Sponsor” will be broadcast simultaneously with IHQ from February 23rd”. Originally scheduled to premiere on IHQ on November 29th, 2021 the broadcast schedule was confirmed three months after the program was delayed due to simultaneous broadcasting.

Sponsor” is a drama about four men and women’s love romance that will satisfy their desires, regardless of means or means to get what they want, featuring actors Han Chae Young, Lee Ji Hoon, Ji E-suu and Koo Ja Sung.

Han Chae Young plays Han Chae Rin, the CEO of a beauty company with wealth and beauty obsessed with desires of money and ability, and Lee Ji Hoon, a photo editor of a fashion magazine, will play Lee Seon Woo, who is obsessed with the desire to find the truth of his father’s mysterious accident.

First broadcast of “Sponsor” will Start on February 23rd at 11PM.

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