Eve [K-Drama] (2022): Synopsis, Cast & More

Episode 16 (END)

Title: 이브 / Eve
Genre: Melodrama, Revenge
Episodes: 16 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2022-June-01 to 2022-July-21
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:30 KST


Lee Ra El (Seo Ye Ji) was a girl who idolized her loving parents – a highly intelligent father and a strikingly beautiful mother. But when cruel forces beyond their control cause her father’s death, her family crumbles. Embittered by this terrible experience, she vows revenge on the super-rich people who orchestrated this terrible tragedy. Her prime target is Kang Yoon Kyum (Park Byung Eun), the CEO of the lucrative LY Group business empire, and one of the ringleaders of the plot that ultimately destroyed her family.

Lee Ra El’s weapon of choice is divorce. By placing herself at the center of a legal battle worth a staggering USD 1.6 billion, she hopes to bring Kang Yoon Kyum and LY down once and for all. But in order to do so, she will need to wage a bitter legal struggle and fight powerful forces both inside and outside the courtroom. However, this plan has been in the pipelines for 13 years for Lee Ra El, who believes she will use all of her guile to catch Kang Yoon Kyum out when he least expects it. Can revenge bring her the satisfaction she craves – or will it end up consuming her?


  1. “Eve” takes over tvN’s Wed. & Thu. 22:30 time slot previously occupied by “The Killer’s Shopping List.”


Main Cast

Seo Ye Ji as Lee Ra El
Lee Sang Yeob as Seo Eun Pyung
Park Byung Eun as Kang Yoon Kyum
Yoo Sun as Han So Ra

Supporting Cast

So Hee Jung as Kim Gye Young
Son So Mang as Eun Dam Ri


Episode 1

Liyan’s New Beginning

A new year starts for Liyan Kindergarten, the global leader in the field of early education. Parents from prestigious backgrounds gather for a fundraiser at Liyan.

Kang Yoon Kyum, the representative of LY Group, also attends with his wife for her daughter. However, there he meets a young woman who sparks something in his heart. A spark that can endanger everything he built until now.

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Episode 2

La El’s Secret Identity

Eun Pyeong climbs higher in politics. Despite his success and popularity, he still remembers everything about La El and her real mother even after all these years.

Knowing in his gut that La El is still alive, he continues the search. Meanwhile, Yoon Kyum feels his heart burning when he thinks of Sun Bin. Although his emotion is about to burst, he has no intention of fighting it.

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Episode 3

Night At Sewoonjung

While satisfying Dam Ri and Ji Hee, Sun Bin approaches So Ra at the same time. With her charms and wit, she manages to obtain So Ra’s trust.

Sun Bin and Jin Wook get invited to Sewoonjung, Yoon Kyum’s personal party where not anyone can join. By using this big step, Sun Bin moves forward with her plan of vengeance for her true identity, La El.

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Episode 4

The Truth of Kang Yoon Kyum

Sun Bin is on a clear path to gaining So Ra’s total trust. With the trust she gains, she must investigate the ledgers of LY Group that might be in Yoon Kyum’s study.

However, Eun Pyeong finds shocking information about Kang Yoon Kyum. Something that La El has no clue about and something that can ruin her plan of taking down LY Group.

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Episode 5

Love and Lust

Yoon Kyum does not fall for La El easily. Just when things seem to be in a tight spot, La El comes up with a plan by using So Ra’s birthday.

Meanwhile, although Eun Pyeong is well-known for not taking any politician or conglomerate’s side, he is willing to do whatever he can to help La El achieve her goal. Step by step, she becomes closer to punishing all those who destroyed her family.

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Episode 6

The Evil Witch

So Ra is enraged with Yoon Kyum’s disappearance. Despite the presence of her daughter, she does not control her emotions.

Meanwhile, Yoon Kyum confesses his true feelings to La El. With true love as his source of energy, he determines to break free from being LY’s puppet. La El’s revenge begins to speed up. The day of vengeance is soon to come.

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Episode 7

La El Gets Close to Yoon Kyum

Now that La El knows about her mother Jin Sook’s death, she seeks revenge by getting close to Yoon Kyum. La El sees his scars.

She knows it isn’t right, but she can’t resist and slowly falls for Yoon Kyum. Eun Pyeong teams up with Pan Ro to help La El. Meanwhile, So Ra’s compulsive behavior goes out of control when she suspects Yoon Kyum is seeing another woman.

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Episode 8

La El Disappears

So Ra uses the hit-and-run accident to her advantage and begins to search for Yoon Kyum’s mistress. La El keeps her distance, hitting Yoon Kyum and So Ra mentally.

And as soon as she disappears, Yoon Kyum yearns for her even more. Meanwhile, So Ra kidnaps La El’s bodyguard to find Yoon Kyum’s woman, and a fierce battle of nerves begins between So Ra and La El. Later, La El makes her return dressed lavishly.

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Episode 9

La El Becomes Anxious

Yoon Kyum and So Ra don’t react as La El expected. So Ra starts to ostracize La El at the kindergarten now that she knows La El is Yoon Kyum’s mistress.

La El starts to become anxious, seeing no difference in Yoon Kyum and So Ra’s relationship. Meanwhile, Eun Pyeong takes the President’s chief secretary position and vows to help La El get her revenge as his love for her grows deeper.

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Episode 10

La El’s Impatience

La El falls deeper into the darkness after Moon Hee’s betrayal and Yoon Kyum’s indifference. To get Yoon Kyum to move, La El deals with him Kyum coldly, grabbing and letting go of his heart.

Later, at LY Shopping Mall’s formal gathering, So Ra falls into La El’s plot.

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Episode 11

Yoon Kyum Demands Divorce

Yoon Kyum goes to the house of roses after he tells So Ra he wants a divorce. His love deepens while enjoying his time there.

He tells La El he loves her. She tries to turn a blind eye to his endearment, but she can’t help herself and falls deeper into love. Meanwhile, Eun Pyeong warns La El that it could get dangerous if she stays with Yoon Kyum.

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Episode 12

La El Comes Out Of Hiding

La El sees Yoon Kyum’s sincerity and gets torn by her love for him and her revenge. Meanwhile, news about Yoon Kyum’s private life begins to circulate that enrages So Ra.

So Ra orders one of her men to capture La El at all costs. Eun Pyeong saves her but sustains a critical injury. And because of it, La El determines to face So Ra head-on and take what’s hers.

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Episode 13

A Drop Of Doubt

So Ra gives Yoon Kyum clues about La El’s identity. La El and Yoon Kyum’s relationship becomes compromised with So Ra’s drop of doubt.

Realizing there isn’t much time left, La El thinks only of her revenge. Yoon Kyum senses La El’s secret, but it doesn’t cloud his love for her. And La El has a hard time taming her heart for his unconditional love.

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Episode 14

La El Take Charge

Yoon Kyum is utterly shocked when he learns about La El’s secrets.

La El and Eun Pyeong believe Pan Ro has Moon Hee. Eun Pyeong storms Pan Ro’s residence with the police to search for Moon Hee, but they come up empty-handed. La El learns more about her mother’s death and becomes further enraged. La El takes the lead in Moon Hee’s place to finish her revenge, and Eun Pyeong helps her in any way he can.

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Episode 15

Love for One’s Enemy

The trial proceeds as scheduled, and Yoon Kyum himself shows up in the courtroom.

At the same time, with the evidence left behind by Moon Hee, La El turns So Ra and Pan Ro against each other. Cornered and pressured, So Ra finds herself turning into the weakest version of herself. Meanwhile, Yoon Kyum asks for forgiveness, even if it means sacrificing his own life.

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Episode 16 (END)

The True Love

Jung Chul heads to the villa where La El and Yoon Kyum are.

He is determined to hurt La El as much as she had hurt him. Yoon Kyum ends up killing Jung Chul, and he decides to turn himself in. La El receives the gift Yoon Kyum left her, and she decides to leave for Buenos Aires upon seeing it. Sometime later, Eun Pyeong decides to go and see La El in Buenos Aires.

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