Becoming Witch (2022): Synopsis, Cast & More

Episode 6

Title: 마녀는 살아있다 / Becoming Witch
Also know as: The Witch Is Alive
Genre: Mystery, Comedy
Episodes: 16 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: CSTV
Broadcast period: 2022-June-25 to 2022-Aug-14
Air time: Saturday 21:00 KST


Three friends from different backgrounds each encounter enemies they’d like to kill.

Gong Ma Ri is a housewife who has a satisfying life with her husband and daughter. When she discovers her spouse’s affair, she seeks an alternate method of ending her marriage.

Chae Hee Soo is the daughter-in-law in a chaebol family. Her married life isn’t going well. Not only must she tend to her mother-in-law who ails physically and suffers from Alzheimer’s, she must also endure her husband’s cold indifference toward her as she struggles to become pregnant. One day, Hee Soo’s mother-in-law makes her a terrifying yet tempting offer.

Yang Jin A’s husband is a bad person. Upon his death, Jin A collects a significant sum from his life insurance policy. With that money, she is able to enjoy a lifestyle she was unaccustomed to in the past. Instead. she keeps a watchful eye over her windfall, anxiously fearing that someone will take it from her.


Main Cast

Lee Yoo Ri as Gong Ma Ri
Lee Min Young as Chae Hee Soo
Yoon So Yi as Yang Jin Ah

Supporting Cast

Jung Sang Hoon as Lee Nak Goo
Kim Young Jae as Nam Moo Young
Ryu Yeon Seok as Kim Woo Bin
Kim Sa Kwon as Jang Sang Pil
Han So Eun as Lim Go Eun

Becoming Witch (2022) OST


Episode 1

The three friends each have their own story. Since their youth, they were wishing for a life that they thought was perfect for themselves.

However, it just turns out that they live exactly the opposite lives they wished for. One who has a perverted husband, one who recently lost her husband, and one who cannot see her husband often. The three women fight alongside each other to overcome their difficulties.

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Episode 2

Ma Ri starts to find evidence that Nak Gu is having an affair. She goes to a lawyer to plan the divorce. Meanwhile, Hee Soo also goes through a problem of her own with her husband.

Her long and old dream of having a child becomes nothing because of what her husband has done. Jin A, on the other hand, has no husband issues but is still tormented by the thought of the Ogwang-dong Squirrel.

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Episode 3

Ma Ri will not give Nak Gu what he wants. She makes it official that she will never divorce Nak Gu.

Hence, Nak Gu has to keep living with Ma Ri while worrying about how she might kill him every day. Meanwhile, Jin A catches a criminal who is suspected to be the Squirrel. As the criminal gets unmasked, Jin A is shocked to see that he is someone she knows.

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Episode 4

Ma Ri is in search of evidence that Nak Gu was having an affair on the night of a day in April 2021.

She digs into a speeding ticket of that day in hopes of finding a photo of both Nak Gu and Go Eun. Nak Gu, on the other hand, goes to a divorce specialist lawyer to win against Ma Ri. He finds and makes as much evidence as possible to make sure the divorce comes through.

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Episode 5

Ma Ri finds Nak Gu and Go Eun when the two are on their way to getting married.

The aggressive car chase ends up sending Ma Ri and Nak Gu to a hospital. Meanwhile, Woo Bin suddenly appears in front of Jin A. Looking at her dead husband standing right in front of her, Jin A impulsively takes him home and locks him up in a room until she decides what to do with him.

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Episode 6

Ma Ri and Nak Gu head face to face in their legal dispute.

They use every evidence they have to get the upper hand. Meanwhile, Woo Bin stays at Jin A’s place for a while until he decides what to do. One night, the two catch the Squirrel as Woo Bin clearly remembers how he looks like. Although Jin A has one less thing to worry about, she doesn’t see the trouble Woo Bin will bring.

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