ASTRO's Rocky Cast As The Male Lead For A Web Drama Series 'New Tale of Chun Hyang'

ASTRO‘s Rocky has been cast in his first ever male lead role for a web drama series since debut!

According to Fantagio, Rocky has joined the cast of the upcoming interactive web drama series, ‘New Tale of Chun Hyang‘ (working title). Inspired by one of South Korea’s most famous folk tales, ‘New Tale of Chun Hyang’ tells the story of a young 21st century man whose personality exactly resembles the character Lee Mong Ryong in the classic ‘Tale of Chun Hyang‘. 

Rocky will be portraying a young college student who appears to be perfect in every way. But despite his excellent grades and his princely good looks, his character is hopelessly devoted to only one love, just like Lee Mong Ryong. 

Meanwhile, ‘New Tale of Chun Hyang‘ is expected to be an interactive web drama, allowing viewers the option of choosing which story they want to see unfold. Catch the series when it premieres this November!

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