Anchor [K-Movie] (2022): Synopsis, Cast & More

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Title: 앵커 / Anchor
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Psychological
Director: Jeong Ji-Yeon
Writer: Jeong Ji-Yeon
Producer: Lee Jong-Seok, Jung Joon-Hyeok
Cinematographer: Kang Min-Woo
Release Date: April 20, 2022
Runtime: 111 min.


“I would love to have anchor Jeong Se Ra report the news of my death.” Five minutes before a live broadcast, there is a tip-off call from someone who says he’s going to be murdered to the anchor of the broadcasting station, Se Ra. Se Ra tries to consider it a prank call but feels disturbed. Her mother, So Young, tells her that it’s a chance to become a real anchor. Se Ra heads to the informant’s house and witnesses Mi So and her daughter’s body. After that day, the image of dead Mi So begins to appear in front of Se Ra. At the scene of the incident, she encounters In Ho, Mi So’s psychiatrist. Se Ra’s suspicions about him also deepen… Check out the shocking truth that will shake up the perfect anchor!


Main Cast

Chun Woo-Hee – Jung Se-Ra
Shin Ha-Kyun – Choi In-Ho
Lee Hye-Young – Lee So-Jung

Cha Rae-Hyoung – Min Ki-Tae
Park Ji-Hyun – Seo Seung-A
Nam Moon-Chul – bureau chief
Im Sung-Jae – Detective Kim
Kim Young-Pil – Heo Ki-Jung
Lee Hae-Woon – Reporter Han
Park Se-Hyun – Yoon Mi-So
Jung Soon-Won – PD Choi
Mok Gyu-Ri – Reporter Song
Seo Yi-Soo – Yoo-Na
Kim Young-Ah – Han Young-Ok
Seo Ji-Seung – Yoo-Ri
Sung Chan-Ho – general manager
Ma Jung-Pil – bureau chief
Kim Cheol-Yun – Detective Oh
Jang Yoon-Woo – news montage anchor 1
Park Se-Hoon

Anchor [K-Movie] (2022) Full Movie

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