7 New K-dramas To Look Out For In February 2022

February’s K-drama schedule is packed with romantic and women-led dramas from Korean broadcasters and Netflix, while Disney+ adds an element of the supernatural.

After a relatively quiet start to the year before the Lunar New Year holiday, K-drama schedules are set to fill up once more in February, with several romantic and women-fronted dramas getting ready to launch.

#1 Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Mr. Sunshine’s Kim Tae-ri and Nam Joo-hyuk of Start-Up join hands in the romantic comedy Twenty-Five Twenty-One. Kim plays Na Hee-do, a star high-school fencer whose team is suddenly disbanded during a financial crisis. Yet she pushes through her hardship and becomes a member of the national team.

Also affected by the crisis is Baek Yi-jin (Nam), whose father’s business goes bankrupt. Suddenly, the formerly wealthy Yi-jin is forced to adjust to a poorer lifestyle and begins to work part-time to finance his studies. Later, he becomes a sports reporter at a major network. (tvN, February 12)

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#2 Forecasting Love and Weather

The prolific Sweet Home actor Song Kang will headline his fifth drama in just 14 months this February, in the new JTBC romantic drama Forecasting Love and Weather, the latest series from When the Camellia Blooms director Cha Young-hoon.

In this classic love story that will surely make full use of the emotional power of the weather, Song will team up with City Hunter actress Park Min-young in a story about workers at the Korea Meteorological Administration and their love lives.

Also appearing in the show will be Yoon Park (You Are My Spring) and Yura of the K-pop group Girl’s Day. (JTBC, February 12)

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#3 Thirty Nine

Crash Landing on You star Son Ye-jin will be back on screen in February in the JTBC drama Thirty-Nine, as dermatologist Cha Mi-jo from a well-to-do family who runs a clinic in glitzy Gangnam, Seoul.

The show will chronicle her life and friendship with two other 39-year-old women – acting coach Jung Chan-yooung, played by Jeon Mi-do of Hospital Playlist, and Hometown Cha Cha Cha’s Kim Ji-hyun as Jang Joo-hee, a cosmetics manager at a department store. (JTBC, February 16)

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#4 Grid

Debuting its third drama in as many months, Disney+ will present the supernatural action-thriller Grid in February. Sweet Home actress Lee Si-young plays a ghost who saved humanity in 1997 and promptly disappeared. Two-and-a-half decades later, another ghost appears among humans, but this time facilitates a serial killer’s escape.

Watcher actor and 5urprise band member Seo Kang-joon, Kim A-joong (200 Pounds Beauty) and Kim Mu-yeol, who is doing double K-drama duty in February with Juvenile Justice also showing, each play characters seeking to track down the ghost for their own reasons. (Disney+, February 16)

#5 A Business Proposal

The Uncanny Counter star Kim Se-jeong finally returns to screens, alongside Ahn Hyo-seop of Lovers of the Red Sky, in the new SBS romantic drama A Business Proposal. Kim plays Shin Ha-ri, a single woman working in an office. Ha-ri’s friend Young-seo, the daughter of a corporate CEO, asks her to impersonate her during a blind date.

Ha-ri shows up but is shocked to discover Kang Tae-mu (Ahn), the president of her own company, sitting across from her. She expects a swift rejection – but little does she know that a fed-up Tae-mu has already decided to marry whoever he is faced with on his next blind date. (SBS, February 21)

#6 Kill Heel

The world of home shopping will serve as the setting for a tale of ruthless and cutthroat ambition in the new drama Kill Heel from tvN. At the centre of the drama are three women, Woo-hyun (Kim Ha-neul), Ki Mo-ran (Lee Hye-young) and Bae Ok-sun (Kim Sung-ryoung).

Woo-hyun has an average track record as host of a home-shopping show but wants to reach much higher. Mo-ran is the feared and respected vice-president of the network, and Ok-sun is the beloved shopping-show host who hides a secret personality behind her outward magnanimity. (tvN, February 23)

#7 Juvenile Justice

Signal actress Kim Hye-soo will make her Netflix debut as a judge in the legal drama Juvenile Justice. From Life director Hong Jong-chan, the show features Kim as Sim Eun-seok, an elite judge who, as a victim of juvenile crime in her youth, harbours a distaste for young offenders.

Nevertheless, she one day finds herself assigned to a local Juvenile Court, where she begins to administer her own style of justice to underage criminals as youth violence begins to spiral out of control. Kim’s co-stars include Kim Mu-yeol (On the Line), Lee Sung-min (The Spy Gone North) and Parasite’s Lee Jung-eun. 

Juvenile Justice will be premier on February 25 and will also be available on Netflix.

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